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a portrait of an artist in 16th century garb Art enriches our lives, providing beauty and delight that we often take for granted.  Fine art artists are skilled in translating ideas, thoughts, and feelings into tangible form using a variety of media and techniques, and are responsible for creating much of the art we enjoy every day.  Fine art artists include painters, sculptors, illustrators, sketch artists, cartoonists, print makers, and art restorers.  Fine art artists use oils, watercolors, acrylics, pastels, pencils, pen and ink, clay, plasters, and other materials, and often display their work in museums, art galleries, commercial collections, and private homes.  Many fine art artists sell their work through dealers or private art galleries, although some may be commissioned by clients.  Fine art artists may work in commercial art studios or private home studios.  Some may work as art critics or consultants, or teach art classes or workshops.

Although formal schooling is not required, many fine artists choose to obtain a bachelor's or master's degree in fine arts to develop their skill and gain credibility.  Some choose to freelance part time to become established in their careers while they work another job, and advance professionally as their reputation and portfolio grows.  Those who wish to teach fine arts in the public school system must also obtain a teaching certificate, and government or foundation management positions typically required an advanced fine arts degree.  Competition for full time fine arts jobs is expected to be keen, but most dedicated fine art artists find a way to continually incorporate art into their lives, whether professionally or personally, for the benefit and enjoyment of others and themselves.

For more information about artist careers and educational programs, visit the National Association of Schools of Art and Design website.

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